Easter 2002

Bow the Knee

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BTK-2002-13 BTK-2002-14
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BTK-2002-21 BTK-2002-23

Easter 2007


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Spring Musical 2008

Truth Is . . .

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One Incredible Moment 2009

Christmas Musical



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Over the years, NBBC has offered praise through the presentation of music and drama. On these pages are selected images of some of these productions and of the people who brought them to life.

Bow The Knee 2011

GBA Evangelism Rally with Luke Garrett, Guest Artist, 2010

One Incredible Moment, 2009

Spring Musical, 2008

Easter, 2007

Easter, 2002

Do you have pictures from past Easter, Christmas or patriotic productions? Do you have pictures from Children, Youth or other performances? If so, contact Roger Sharp at 281-333-3844.