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Got Milk? Want Meat?

Have you been receiving the milk of the Word for too long?  Nassau Bay Baptist Church preaches the meat of God's Word for maturing believers and those who desire to be.

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Click the menu EXALTING-WORSHIP menu item and then select ONLINE GIVING!  Or just click the image to the right.  When you are done click on the back arrow to return to the church web site.

New Worship Center Memorial and Honors Program

A new program is being offered to all members to honor past or present members and friends of NBBC.  This Memorial and/or Honors Program will be in the form of a beautiful 5 x 8 metal plaque which will include the name of the donor and that of the one being remembered and/or honored.  It will be prominently and permanently displayed in an attractive location in or near new Worship Center.  Suggested donation for each plaque is $500 and it is an excellent opportunity to recognize loved ones and friends while at the same time helping to complete funding for the new building.  Because of your outstanding suppport, almost two thirds of the needed funds have already been raised through donations and pledges.

NBBC Children leading the way....

The preteens decide which direction and what ministries we can provide. We wanted to make the congregation of church aware that the children of this church will lead, will share, will love. Let us pray for the preteens as they become the youth of tomorrow and the adults of the future. Pray that they remain in the Spirit and keep the compassion they have displayed for their neighbors.